Workshop: Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for children 30-12-2022 13:00

vrijdag 30 december 2022
13:00 - 15:00

Locatie de Bibliotheek Eindhoven, De Witte Dame
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Workshop: Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for children

Children at a young age are known to have unparalleled level of imagination and creativity. While some of the most novel ideas originated from young people, most of children’s ideas remain unnoticed or unrealized due to lack of knowledge, skills and/or environment to capture and develop their ideas into great concepts/projects.

During the workshop 'Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship', children will learn how to use their own uniqueness and creativity to generate ideas. They will acquire practical skills, tools and techniques on how to capture and validate the ideas and practice how to communicate them in an innovative and engaging way.

The workshop uses practical approach, learn by doing in the context of children’s own ideas, with plenty of:

  • Fun exercises;
  • Practical tips;
  • Application of the tools and techniques in action.

At the end of the workshop children will be equipped with:

1. Creativity toolbox
Discover your own creative style and environment.
Learn tools and techniques to generate and capture ideas.

2. Innovation toolbox
Build Innovation funnel for your own ideas.
Learn tools and techniques for idea validation.

3. Start-up kickbox
Learn framework for idea pitch.
Learn storytelling and pitching ideas.

This activity will take place in the theater space. This workshop will be given by innovation coach Tzveta Iordanova.

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