Rewilding Lunch at Het Kloosterbos

zondag 24 april 2022
11:00 - 14:00

Locatie Kloosterbos
Categorie Volwassenen
Tags Mens en natuur Samenleving Workshop
  • Entree € 7,50
  • Entree € 5,00
  • Entree € 2,50
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Rewilding Lunch at Het Kloosterbos

Celebrate Earth Day by learning, foraging, cooking, and sharing stories and food in Het Kloosterbos, a unique and long-term rewilding project in Eindhoven. Het Kloosterbos aims to repair a patch of Eikenburg forest landscape and return it to a natural state of inviting hospitality where local citizens can develop a new relationship with this local ecosystem. A relationship based on equality, freedom and unconditional mutual hospitality.

During the event, all participants will cook and taste a delicious soup foraged, prepared and consumed all together. We will first visit to the garden: you will hear from Leo Bakx, current kwartiermaker, its deep intentions and enjoy the beauty of this “pleisterplaats” (way station) while foraging some natural ingredients for the soup. We will then prepare and eat the soup together. If you can, bring a food to share that is dear to you: we will share food stories while cooking and eating.

- Tickets: Your chosen entree price will be directly donated to the Kloosterbos.
– Meetup: We will meet at the entrance of Het Kloosterbos located at Eikenburglaan (200 m from the main entrance at the Aalsterweg). Please come walking, by bike or by using public transportation. Bicycles can be parked at HKB, bus stop Aalsterweg or at the Theo Koomenlaan (Indoor Sportcentrum). Car parking is also possible at P2 (follow signage), walk through forest to Het Kloosterbos.
- Bring: a bowl and a spoon to enjoy the cooked soup\, a mug to drink tea\, a knife to chop vegetables and one food to share with the rest (e.g. bread\, butter\, fruits\, but also a spice\, etc).
- Weather: bring a rain coat. If it's very bad weather we will cancel the event.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!!

Organized by Het Kloosterbos, Eindhoven Library, Trefpunt Groen Eindhoven and Stichting Art + Tech Society.
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