How to get a YES in a job interview

vrijdag 11 oktober 2019
19:00 tot 21:00

Locatie de Bibliotheek Eindhoven, De Witte Dame
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How to get a YES in a job interview

You found a dream job and you are finally invited for an interview. This is a very crucial moment in your life. The more important the interview, the more stressful it might be. Most of the times the heart starts beating faster and people start losing confidence. It could all go wrong and you might lose the opportunity to prove yourself.

Is this something familiar? Have you experienced a similar situation or do you expect it to happen (again) in the future?

You can turn it all around if you know the DO and DON'T of an interview. If you know how the interviewer makes his/her decision, you know how you should present yourself during the interview in a way that maximizes your chances and keeps you interesting above all other candidates.

Hamid Amir-Ahmadi
Hamid has a Ph.D. from Groningen University. He has worked at ASML for more than 11 years, where he as a manager interviewed many people for different jobs. Currently, he has his own training and coaching company, Niushah, where he uses his skills and real life experiences to train and help others. He loves sharing his knowledge, and the best reward for him is to hear that you could successfully apply his training.

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