Baristaworkshop in English

zaterdag 19 oktober 2019

Locatie Expeditie E, Winkelcentrum Woensel 11
Categorie Volwassenen
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  • Entrance € 39,00
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Baristaworkshop in English

Always wanted to know how to pull a tasty shot of espresso like a professional barista? This workshop is what you are looking for. You will learn about the origins of coffee and the basics of coffee making... You might even discover your inner barista!

Fun facts about coffee
What you need to know about extraction
The basics of a tasty espresso
Foaming milk to the right texture
Pouring milk
Different espresso based drinks

The workshop will take up 2 to 3 hours and is provided by Studio Bamboo, the coffee bar within Expeditie E. A space where you can enjoy handcrafted specialty coffee and quality tea between the books. Every cup - whether it's a tasty espresso or a silky soft cappuccino - is prepared with love and attention, with freshly roasted coffee beans, roasted by local roastery DENF coffee.

Please feel free to walk in at Expeditie E for more info on the workshop, or send an e-mail.

Helaas is het niet meer mogelijk om te reserveren. De reserveringsdeadline is verstreken op zaterdag 19 oktober 2019 om 10:00