Green Cafe: Together, making a cleaner and beautiful city
zondag 17 maart 2024 10:30
Locatie TU/e Campus
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Green Cafe: Together, making a cleaner and beautiful city

We all prefer to live in a city with clean streets and parks that we can enjoy. Unfortunately, we do not always see that the streets, parks or green areas of Eindhoven are free of garbage or litter. The problem that we can easily wait until the municipality cleans it… but instead of waiting, we can make a difference together!

The team of the Green Café and Troep Troopers Eindhoven - Nature Group are organizing a plogging event together where you can be part of. We will walk together next to the Dommel River in the TU/e Campus and pick up all the litter that does not belong to nature. For this, all participants will get a waste grabber, handihoop or safety vest.

We will gather in front of De Zwarte Doos @ the TU/e at 10:30. After that, you will have a short explanation of what the Troep Troopers Eindhoven - Nature Group is and the areas that you will do plogging together with others. This activity will last for around one hour. Is an hour of plogging too long for you? That's no big deal; you do what is within your capabilities.

Afterwards, if you are interested to do it more frequently, you can have a talk with Erdem, the coordinator of the Troep Troopers Eindhoven – Nature Group. This English-speaking group goes plogging in a different park or nature reserve of Eindhoven every month.

This is a free event, but reservation is needed to make sure that we will have enough tools for every participant. If you want, you can bring along your kids as well. We have small tools for kids so that they can also join you while cleaning the nature.

Green Café
The Green Café is a collaboration between Trefpunt Groen Eindhoven, Eindje Groen, Art + Tech Society, Wild Eindhoven with individual contributors; Erdem Cerit and Zubin Nayak. It organizes all kind of activities like lectures, workshops, city tours and film sessions in the themes of nature, environment and sustainability for the international community of Eindhoven. It is supported by the Library Eindhoven.

Troep Troopers
Troep Troopers Eindhoven started as an initiative of 2 residents from Tongelrese neighbourhood Muschberg Geestenberg 3 years ago. And today, there are 15 neighbourhood groups, 1 nature group, 1 primary school group and 4 independent groups that are actively involved in cleaning different areas of Eindhoven. You can check TTE’s website and join one of the groups active in your neighborhood or create your own group if there is none in your area.

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