Come celebrate the arrival of spring at the library!
zaterdag 2 maart 2024 14:00 - 16:00
Locatie de Bibliotheek Eindhoven, De Witte Dame
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Come celebrate the arrival of spring at the library!

This year we bring the common celebration of Bulgarian and Romanian traditions! Martenitsa and Mărțișor, both meaning ‘little March’, are similar celebrations traditionally occurring on March 1st and observed in more eastern European countries. These customs involve the exchange of red and white yarn bracelets or decorations symbolizing the arrival of spring. Despite their slight differences, these traditions share the common themes of renewal, hope, and the anticipation of warmer days ahead. Celebrating these traditions together in Eindhoven highlights cultural similarities and a shared heritage.

So, what are you doing this Maartje?
Everyone is welcome to join our free workshops on March 2nd, 14:00, to make these small tokens of spring. The Romanian School in Eindhoven and the Bulgarian Hub Eindhoven, cordially invite children from 4 to 10 to craft their own Mărțisor and Martenitsa. The workshops will be coordinated by Romanian and Bulgarian artisans and the instructions will be given in Dutch/or English and in Romanian/or Bulgarian.

Alina Allen graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Timișoara, Romania, specializing in textile arts and pedagogy. She fell in love with coloured pencils, paper and threads from the first moment they were presented to her, in kindergarten. She taught drawing to middle school students in Romania and currently lives and creates in the Netherlands, being engaged in projects and exhibitions with her own company Haartes.

Gloria Angelova is a professional web and graphic designer. With a passion for creativity and art, she not only creates beautiful and functional designs for her clients but also enjoys the beauty of Bulgarian needlework, embroidery, and weaving. Her love for handicrafts inspires her to create THREAD in RED, where she shares inspiring and exciting projects, combining classical techniques with contemporary design.

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