Creative workshop for children: Let`s paint the music!
woensdag 26 april 2023 11:00 - 12:30
Locatie de Bibliotheek Eindhoven, De Witte Dame
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Creative workshop for children: Let`s paint the music!

Attention! This workshop is made for children aged 6-10 years.

Do you want to paint or explore some classical music? What helps better to develop the imagination and creative thinking of a child? We dare to state: no need to choose! This workshop will let the child of ages 6+ combine both activities within one class.

Let's take a look at our program:

  • We will start with listening to a music piece that contains a plot (they call it "program music").
  • Altogether children will try to guess the plot and the personage encrypted in a piece by solving music-related riddles. Reacting on the piano, moving, having fun and discovering elements of music that composers use to create a character - this is what we will do.
  • Finally, children are going to paint the character that they discovered in the piece (a dancing elephant, jumping gnome, swan in the lake - who knows...). Painting will happen step by step under the guidance of a professional artist.

A few important details:

  • Everybody is welcome, but the program is generally intended for children of 6-10 years old
  • English will serve as a working language. Some Dutch is not a problem, maar niet te veel. Main directions and guidance to children will be given in English
  • Materials for painting will be provided for free during the session
  • No need to have any experience in music! Curiosity is enough!
    The workshop is given by two hosts: a musician, and an artist.

About the hosts of the workshop
Delara Rasul is a professional artist and photographer. She has been teaching art and painting for children and adults for about 8 years. During this time Delara also gained extra skills of dealing with kids who have special needs. At this moment Delara continues her professional education by focusing on the digital painting and anime style.

Asja Zakhareva is fond of helping people to increase energy, creativity, and emotional self-awareness by means of classical music. Asja gives talks about academic music for adults on different platforms (including Bibliotheek De Witte Dame), holds music lessons for children, and initiates projects on the border between music and other media.

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