Chinese storytelling / Chinees voorlezen

dinsdag 19 juli 2022
10:20 - 11:00

Locatie de Bibliotheek Eindhoven, De Witte Dame
Categorie Jeugd
Tags Jeugd 0-6 Voorlezen
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Chinese storytelling / Chinees voorlezen

Reading to kids is important and magical. It builds up the way not only to stimulate their imagination, to develop their potential toward languages, but also to increase their vocabulary and to contribute to their interactive skills. It also provides a lot of fun for them. That is why Chinese storytelling is here for your kids.

This activity is organized and performed by Leei Seh Pierce Leong who is passionate about Chinese storytelling. She immigrated to the Netherlands in 2014 and raised her children in a bilingual, even trilingual environment.

Eindhoven Library is happy to invite you and your kids in the age of 0 to 4 years old, to join in with the Chinese storytelling sessions.

The Chinese storytelling sessions are scheduled to take place on every third Tuesday in the month at Eindhoven Library, from 10:20 to 11am.

No entry fee is needed, but pre-registration is required. Session in Mandarin. Suitable for ages 0-4.

給孩子們閱讀是重要及神奇有趣的。 它不僅可以激發他們的想像力,開發他們的語言潛力,還可以增加他們的詞彙量並提高他們的互動技能。 這也為他們提供了更多的閱讀樂趣。


中文故事會定於每月第三個星期二上午 10:20 至 11:00 在愛因霍芬圖書館舉行。


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