Webinar: Working effectively with the Dutch
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Webinar: Working effectively with the Dutch

Georganiseerd in samenwerking met Theek5.

A few hours before the start of a webinar, you will receive a personal 'watchlink' per mail. In case you aren't able to attend at this time, sign up anyway! The day after, we will send you a link with the recording.

For whom?
Expats, internationals either working or will be working in a Dutch organisation or with Dutch colleagues looking to ease your learning curve and make the best of this work experience.

Why should you attend?
Every culture has a unique way of looking at work and work-related attitudes. Understanding how we are similar and how we are different in our cultural frameworks is crucial in being able to work professionally with others. Learning how to effectively work and communicate with your Dutch colleagues you help you to reach your goals and objectives and the goals and objectives of the organization that you are working for.

Your take away
• Being aware of the nuances of the Dutch work culture that play a crucial role in overcoming situations leading to conflicts.
• Knowing how to proactively manage the expectations of your colleagues and build trust.
• Knowing how to communicate effectively.
• Being assertive and confident at your work place.

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