Webinar: Music, Brain, and Emotions. How does it all work?

woensdag 23 februari 2022
20:00 - 21:30

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Webinar: Music, Brain, and Emotions. How does it all work?

There can be barely found a person who has never been affected by music. Having chills from a fascinating guitar solo, half-crying from soothing lyrical cello line, experiencing a sudden unstoppable itch to dance as soon as first beats of a rock & roll pearl kick in – it probably sounds familiar… But how is music able to have such an enormous influence over humans?

This lecture offers you to look behind the curtain. It is going to familiarize the audience with the recent scientific view on the way how people get moved by music emotionally.

During this lecture we will explore main mechanists of brain emotional response to music formulated by the researcher and psychologist from Sweden Patrik Juslin. Not just in theory! We will experience it one by one while listening to bright and diverse pieces of different styles and genres.

Besides giving an idea of how the power of sounds literally works “inside of our brain”, this knowledge can help us to gain more joy from our daily listening experience by putting attention to most emotion-inducing details of music pieces…

Asja Zakhareva
Asja Zakhareva is willing to help people with revealing the potential of classical music. That is what drives her to give talks about academic music and lessons of music theory. Since 2015 Asja held more than 20 interactive sessions on multiple topics of music history and theory. Besides that, in 2020 she held 5 webinars on how classics can help people to increase their emotional awareness (in collaboration with a psychologist). At the same time, Asja is very inspired to initiate and curate interdisciplinary projects that unite music with other medias. The recent project (2021) of reflecting the essence of visual art in sound was held for Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (together with the composer Sachit Ajmani).

Asja came originally from Saint-Petersburg (Russia) where she got her university degrees, including Master degree in Music critics and curation. At this moment she has been living in Netherlands and studying Music theory in Maastricht Conservatory for almost 2 years. Her main goal is to open the world of academic music for the broad audience and let people use the power of classics for better state of their emotions and mind.

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