Webinar: AGORA Workshop 4 - Existentialism

vrijdag 5 juni 2020
18:30 - 20:30

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Webinar: AGORA Workshop 4 - Existentialism

Existentialism: What is the Meaning of your Life?”

As you can see by the title, this workshop has a touch of philosophical connotation! Part of knowing who we are is to recognise our human condition and become more aware of our strategies to face the existential givens. In the workshop, we will explore how we deal with the existential anxiety and how we can make more conscious choices on how we live our life.

Existentialism stipulates that our choices as human beings are made on the basis of our desires. When our choices come up against the existential givens, this generates anxiety. The givens as defined in existentialism are:

  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Death
  • Solitude
  • The quest for meaning in the face of the absurd

If we are to live life fully, the existentialist will argue that we need to face these uncomfortable existential givens and courageously interact with the world in spite of its many challenges and the anxiety that goes with it.

If you are curious to know more before the workshop, I highly recommend Irvin Yalom books: Novels such as ‘The Spinoza problem’ or ‘When Nietzsche wept’ as well as non-fiction, e.g. ‘Existential psychotherapy’.

About the AGORA Workshops Program (2020):
In this one year-program of 12 monthly AGORA workshops, Nathalie will invite us on a journey of discovery and exploration 'towards our core and back', in order to live a life of purpose, joy and connection. We will start with the ancient Greek aphorism 'know yourself' as a basis for personal development and to look at how transformation begins with Self-awareness.

We will then continue to grow our awareness of our relationship with the world by exploring our 'perceptions of the world', i.e. how we create our reality and find our unique place and contribution to the world. We will then be ready to consciously deepen our 'connection with others' through developing our emotional intelligence. The workshops are experiential and interactive.

IMPORTANT: There is a build up throughout the year, but each workshop can be followed separately.

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