Workshop Personal Development
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Workshop Personal Development

The truth is that in order to have more tomorrow than you have had yesterday, you have to change. And change comes from inside.

These two workshops are for everyone who wants to know more about how to better understand themselves, become more resilient and congruent with their values, and for everyone who wants to know how to plan the future and set goals in a more authentic and practical way.

During the first workshop, we will explore who we are at the core and which are the values behind our every action and decision. This is the foundation of a fulfilled life: knowing what's your identity, knowing what motivates you and how that translates in your everyday life.

The second workshop challenges you to take a closer look at your goals. While every one of us is clear on what we do not want, we have a hard time setting clear goals- knowing what we want, finding motivation and keeping it alive, creating authentic action plans and putting first things first. The Goal Setting workshop is meant to help you set goals that are achievable and ambitious while giving you the know-how so you never struggle with your goals again.

Accept the challenge, come to these workshops with an open mind, and willing to do some introspection. Go back home knowing better and ultimately, start living better.

Laura Curta
Laura Curta is life coach and personal development trainer. Her purpose is to share her knowledge with as many people as possible. She did a lot of work when it comes to becoming a more grounded and mature person. Reading and learning about personal development helped her not only to accommodate in 2 different countries, but make the most of her stay even when circumstances weren't in her favour.

You can join both workshops or either one of them separately.

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