Workshop: Meet your inner cartoonist
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Workshop: Meet your inner cartoonist

During this workshop, Hani (the presenter) guides the audience to go through a journey together, where they meet their inner cartoonist. At the end of this journey, all the inner cartoonists, empowered with tools and techniques, will be ready to cartoonize their stories and ideas!

In this workshop you learn the basic steps to draw. You learn a minimal yet complete set of tools and techniques, which are provided to make instant cartoons. This is an interactive session. During this workshop there is a game-based approach, which guarantees lots of fun.

Right after the workshop, you are able to make cartoons!

Age range: 16 years or older.

This activity will take place at the theater space.

About the speaker:
This workshop is presented by Hani Javan Hemmat, as part of the Gilmard cartoonist workshop series. Hani did his Ph.D. at TU Eindhoven and currently working as Software Architect at ABB. He is also the owner of and illustrator of the bestselling book ‘Speak, Inspire, Empower’. Most recent workshop:

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